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Monday, October 20, 2008

Beach Wedding Dresses

Indeed, beach weddings are becoming so popular these days, and why not?,, with the beautiful backdrop of mother nature as your nuptials, it's easy to see why. Beach weddings are not only naturally romantic, but beaches provide a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for that important day without costing an arm and a leg. The rising cost of formal settings, coupled with the natural beauty and romance of sand and surf, makes the beach a perfect place to exchange vows. But finding the perfect beach wedding dress can pose some challenges. Most "informal wedding dresses" are still way too formal and poofy and do not match the casual, natural, laid-back setting of the beach.
You will probably have to give up the notion of a Cinderella dress. A beach wedding calls for a more casual look. Natural elements, while providing atmosphere, can wreak havoc with your appearance.

Sweet and Simple at the Beach

The classic beach wedding dress is cool, casual, and relaxed, yet sexy and beautiful. A heavy, elaborate gown with a long train may appear out of place on the beach, so consider a simpler design. For example: a short or tea-length white satin strapless dress; an elegant rayon sarong; or a long sundress. Consider airy, lightweight fabrics, such as georgette, chiffon, crepe, organza, charmeuse, or even cotton (avoid silk, which can make you perspire). If you do want a train, consider a shorter one with a finger hold so you're not dragging it through the sand.

Check for Bridesmaids' Dresses
Since many wedding dresses are too formal for the beach, you might want to consider looking at bridesmaid dresses in ivory, cream, light pink, etc. These are generally more casual. So are prom dresses, and it won't be difficult to find a white prom dress. Another option is to have something made exactly how you want it.
Watch the Wind
Keep in mind that the beach, whether you are on the sand or in a waterfront gazebo, is likely to be windy. Consider the cut of your dress. A slip dress or other straight-line design will behave a lot better than an A-line or fuller skirt. If you really want a full, flowing dress, then go with a long one. A simple white strapless dress with a flared skirt is one possibility. Add a blue sash to match the ocean and give you something blue for luck.

If you're wearing a veil, make sure it's weighted at the bottom so it doesn't flap continuously or catch the wind and go airborne. Think of the wedding pictures! Since part of the reason for getting married on the beach might be to keep your wedding casual, you might want to drop the veil entirely.

A Flower in Your Hair
For the complete beach look, consider a flower in your hair or a wide-brimmed hat. Be sure they're pinned down good though or you may lose them to the ocean wind. Also, keep your comfort in mind so you can enjoy this special day. Remember, nylons and the beach don't mix. Same with high heels. Go barefoot, or wear dressy or barefoot sandals.

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