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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Day I Got Married - Chaotic!!

Here it comes, the day that everybody looked forward to, that everyone was excited about... first time that most of our guests had ever attended - OUR BEACH WEDDING!!

While everyone was busy preparing on the first hours in the morning, I was busy finalizing all the bits and pieces, like things to be put inside my pouch bag, etc... and my hubby was busy moving his suit, shoes and things he needed out next door where his parents stayed. The very reason was, he'd never seen my wedding gown as yet so he didn't want to see me dressing up and preparing. In short, it was just myself and the rest of my ladies (including my in-laws), helping me out ironing all the bridesmaids' dresses and to hang mine inside the bathroom with hot shower water running just enough to get rid of all the crinkles.

I had an appointment for my hair to get done by 1pm (the wedding ceremony was scheduled at 5pm), and it was almost 1 pm already that I hadn't had my shower yet! I started to stress out and panicking... thanks God that my family from other resorts arrived to help me out of what I've had been doing that time and rushing to the bathroom, had my quick shower. Just about 5 minutes after I finished, the phone rang - my hairdresser looking for me, because I was 20 minutes late already...

I rushed going to the shop...I tell you what? It took more than 3 hours for them to finish my hair, and look what they have done? GORGEOUS.... It was half passed four already, and only my hair was done, still have to do my make up... so I rushed in back to my room, I saw all my bridesmaids putting their make-ups on, helping each other to get done...

Here they are, look at them while preparing....they look gorgeous, aren't they?

The moment we finished and ready to march going to the reception area I went to our safe to get our WEDDING RINGS, I forgot the codes. So had to ask my bible bearer (son of my best friend Dee) to run to the venue to ask my hubby the safe codes, and he came back with the codes, we tried and managed to open but the rings were gone! Oh my God, the stresses were filing up and everybody were panicking. Then had to ask him again to confirm with my hubby if he got them!! Geezzzz, we ran out of time.. we were way late already... imagine 30 minutes late... so we had to go and march...

I had a mixed emotions that time, wanted to cry and full of excitement. When I realized that my man was been waiting for almost an hour, I finally managed to put smile on my face.

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nimzoindy said...

Im impressed. How did u manage so many blog? i think about 2k blog u have.. Gimme me some tips ok?

Sin said...

Your wedding sure must be a wonderful and memorable one..As for my wedding day,I just had a simple wedding ceremony.However,big or small ceremony is not important,the most important is the happiness and life that both you share together throughout the journey.May both you and your hubby live together happily ever after.