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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Part IV: My Wedding Reception By The Beach

It was almost 7pm already when we finished our Photo Shoots, very good timing to have the party started but never all our guests was feeling hungry as they were served with canapes and cocktails while we were having our photo shoots, right after my husband and I went straight to our room to change our clothes. He just took off his top and left the white long shirts on, while I totally had a new look for the whole evening.

It was a very lovely evening though! When I first came down to see what it was like, oh my God - beautiful arrangements of small plates with desserts, and the resort staffs welcomed us with cocktails to start. However, some of our guests were already seated waiting for us and wondering what was going to happen next aside from eating right in front of the sea. Nice romantic music were playing, we heard some birds singing and the sea waves splashing by the shore. It was on it's low tide at that moment, so we had all the space for us, for that event! AMAZING!!

While I was on my way to stand next to my husband, I heard people started shouting and clapping their hands, while there were drums playing and ladies singing. When I turned my head towards their direction, I realized it was the "Sega Dancers" - the local entertainers, which they normally offer to wedding receptions. We didn't know what it was, we just booked it for the night, at least to give entertainment to our guests. Here they are, guys were playing their improvised instruments, while the ladies were dancing.

They were gorgeous!, and after playing a few minutes they all stopped and taking us to dance with them! That was funny really and look at us dancing!

Haayyy, we all a bit tired when they finished, and it lasted for about 1 and half hours!! Dinner were served, we had a barbeque as weel, loads of choices to eat plus desserts, etc..

While we were eating, there were "Trio" came to give us romantic love songs. Look at my father, he stood up to entertain us, and funny really because most of us were dancing while they were singing.

Everybody really enjoyed, and it was absolutely such a fantastic experience. An experience that never be forgotten by everyone who witnessed and experienced themselves. IT WAS ONE OF A KIND... In fact, we finished at almost 1'oclock the following morning! We had some rain showers too, a blessings for a new beginning.


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