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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Part III: My Wedding Day Photo Shoots

My wedding day story continues by giving you the details of our photo shoots session. Part of our photograph and video package, was to have a photo shoots right after the ceremony, before our reception took place and while serving snacks to your guests and families, which basically we went around the resort and posed as much as we liked! What do you need here is A LOT OF SMILE, which we did from the very beginning.

"An eternity is forever, and forever with you would be a dream come true.""The world is to end one day for you and me, but our love will be there forever."

"Love is knowing you are the bud from which his happiness blossoms."

"I knew that forever was in your eyes the moment I saw you smile."

"For yesterday's memories, today's love, and tomorrow's dreams I love you."

"Love can make you do things that you never thought possible!"

"With you my love, I want to start a dream that never ends."

"The love is like the wind in my hands. So easy to feel but so hard to catch."
"I will be forever yours with just one kiss, setting my soul on fire with eternal bliss."Photographs are the only memories you could always look back in times. So it is normal that couples spend loads of money on wedding photographers, so make the most of it. It's your day, and we as Brides are the stars of our big day!

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1 comment:

Rona's Home Page said...

I really enjoyed viewing your wedding pictures.

You look so beautiful.