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Friday, August 1, 2008

The Day Before My Wedding

It was a very lovely day, and since we all staying in different hotels and resorts we had to contact each other to come in our hotel for an afternoon get together, have some drinks while talking about our big day the following day.

Everyone had a very lovely afternoon, while I was running
around having a meeting with the hotel coordinator who was in-charge of our wedding and he had to phone their regular hair dresser and manicure/pedicure shop to do mine at that last minute in the afternoon. Imagine the shop normally closes at 6pm, and I was there from 6pm until 9pm.

As soon as I arrived at the hotel, my husband was running around and looked so worried since I came back late, rushing to dress up and telling me to change as well for a "Hen Party". Though we've had planned about of having a hen party which supposed to be 2 nights ago, but it never did happened due to the fact that some of our guests only arrived a day before our wedding. So we postponed it and had that night instead, though we didn't stay long because we all wanted to look fresh for the following day - which was OUR WEDDING DAY!

Our Hen Party story will follow shortly....

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1 comment:

AJ said...


daghang salamat sa pagdalaw! not from Bisdak planet actually but my mum's from aklan, i jst recently practice cebuano wd my bisdak fellow here..

see u again:)