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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tips in Transporting Your Wedding Apparels

Choosing a destination wedding is quite complicated especially when it comes to transporting
your wedding apparels, most of all is your wedding gown, on how to have a safe arrival on your destination! But don't panic, you can still fly with all your apparels with you. First, make sure to buy an appropriate box specially designed in transporting wedding gowns and accessories, those acid-free dress boxes and large enough to preserve them without crushing. I found a website where to buy it online, and also on Ebay.

Second thing you need to do, is to check with your airline about where and how they will transport your wedding gown. These days most airlines transport the dress in the luggage haul, not in the passenger cabin. So make sure you check and package it up correctly. Consider weight restrictions with your luggage. Again, check this with your airline and pack appropriately, or you'll be stung for lots of cash at the airport.

IMPORTANT: As soon as you arrive to your destination, hang them straight away
in a steamy bathroom until the creases drop out in order to get rid of all the crinkles from staying inside the box. DON’T IRON YOUR OWN DRESS.

ON YOUR WEDDING DAY, be careful with fresh flowers as the pollen may stain your dress or your groom’s attire. If you do get pollen on your clothes, rub it off gently with a DRY cloth – a wet cloth will cause it to stain. Sand gets very hot in the sun, it may damage the edge of your gown, so be careful and better to wear sandals, pumps or flip flops. Also, take care when applying the sunscreen as it may stain your dress!


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