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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Choosing Beach Wedding Favors for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Every couple wishes to have a one of kind favors that would provide their guests with a
feeling of awe, a lasting impression of its uniqueness, so you must give some personal touches unto them (please see my personalized wedding favors I've had decided myself for my beach wedding). Wedding favors should be charming and unique as possibly as you can do, not necessarily complicated ones which you end up spending a lot of money in choosing the right one for you. Should be simple, yet elegant, leaving your guests feeling as special as you and your betrothed feel on this very special day. This can create an experience for your guest long after your wedding is over. Unique favors are more than just a souvenir, it is their memory about your wedding. So, it is needed to choose the unique and special wedding favor for you guest.

When selecting favors for your wedding, the only true criterion is the taste and budget of the bride and groom or the wedding planner. Gifts are today an expression of the bride’s taste and sensibilities, and should be considered as such when making the item selection. History and tradition have their place, but ultimately the bride should decide on what’s best for her, and come to the most unique expression of her creativity based on her own preferences.

Every person is different, a unique individual, with unique tastes and opinion and of course with different budget. Every couple will want to have the best wedding because the memories will last forever. However, it is not quiet simple to having the perfect wedding. If you were to ask any couple who have gone through the experience, most of them will testify that preparation for a wedding is both exciting and nerve-wrecking. However, with a little planning, getting all those preparation, from the theme, location the perfect date to the personality wedding favors ready to go can be a pleasant and satisfying experience.


Unique, ocean scented candles with an array of pretty sea shells "floating" within them, are bound to create a conversation piece amongst your guests. This candle's scent will transport everyone to a romantic beach somewhere along the Greek coastline, where music plays and the breeze dances playfully to the rhythm. You can include with this beautifully aromatic gift fine heart confetti almonds with delicious chocolate centers for your guests' enjoyment.


Should you desire to present unique and unusual placing cards for your guest tables, an assortment of real jewels from the sea with potpourri in a jewel beaded organza bag may be the perfect complement to your ceremony. You can simply attach your guest's name and table number to the organza ribbon. It makes an elegant piece that will be an eye-catching addition to any wedding table decor.


Of course, no formal event is complete without the perfect table centerpiece. Every great centerpiece deserves a solid supporting act. Imagine a Heart-Shaped Gold Wire Basket adorning the tables of your guests. Imagine further this elegant piece accompanied with silver or gold burlap bags filled with heavenly, aromatic potpourri and matching color organza bows. Each guest could select a bag of their choosing for a pretty scented keepsake as an aromatic reminder of your perfect wedding.

You have the power to create the most perfect and elegant wedding celebration --- a romantic, fairytale wedding.

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