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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Wedding Flower Guide for Every Bride

When I was choosing flowers for my beach wedding, I wasn't really aware the meaning of various flowers are, which I'm sure every bride would go for whatever suits their like which compliments their style. It's about time for every bride to know these various meaning of every flowers for your wedding, and they may be simple to look at before making into a gorgeous bouquet, but every flower shop will do everything they can to make them as unique as possible.
No other flowers symbolize love better than roses. Roses are available all year round and come in a great variety of colors to match any wedding theme. Among the most popular colors are white, red, yellow, pink, orange, lavender, and hot pink.
These beautiful "south of the border" flowers are native to South America, specifically to Chile and Brazil. They primarily bloom in the spring and summer and can be found in sunny yellow, milky white and rich red colors.
These gorgeous flowers, whose heads are shaped like stars, are perfect for late summer and fall weddings as they bloom abundantly during these months. Asters are similar in appearance to daisies and are available in white, purple, lavender, pink and red.
Bells of Ireland:
These unusual green flowers are a favorite for summer weddings. Mix bells of Ireland together with hypericum berries for a one of a kind festive centerpiece.
Birds of Paradise:
True to their name, birds of paradise give an impression of exotic birds. Known as an ornamental flower, this exquisite combination of a tall green stalk, bright orange sepals and purplish-blue petals stands beautifully on its own. It is a perfect flower to use for weddings with tropical themes.
Calla Lilies:
Calla Lilies come in classic, pure white as well as occasionally in two-toned shades such as white with pink, butter with cream, or yellow with gold. They are time-honored wedding flowers and are available for enjoyment all year round.

Chrysanthemum (aka Pompons):
As their name suggests, these festive flowers look like a flowering pompon. A fun and cheerful flower, pompons are celebrated annually at the Japanese "Festival of Happiness." Pompons are available in a variety of colors and are perfect for contributing to the happiness of weddings all year round.

Hypericum Berries:
These unique, full flowers, similar to berries, are available in wonderful earthy tones such as green, brownish red, yellow, pink, and red. Hypericum berries are most widely available in the summer.

These blooming flowers look beautiful on their own or mixed with other flowers. They come in white, blue, natural pink and purple tinted. Hydrangeas are great for spring and summer weddings.

These tall white, blue, and pink flowers burst into bloom in the springtime which makes them ideal for an April or May wedding (though they can be used throughout the spring and summer as well).

Tall and ornamental, these flowers are a popular choice for summer wedding centerpieces and bouquets. As an added effect to a romantic event, their rich purple color attracts beautiful butterflies.

Lilies are large flowers with three petals that come with three petal-like sepals. They are most commonly available in the summer. Lilies come in a range of color such as white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, bronze and even nearly black. Their petals are often marked with spots, brush strokes and picotees. Not only are lilies a lovely flower to use at your important affair, but they give off a fragrant aroma and create a rich and sweet ambiance.
Mini Callas:
Mini callas are elegant flowers, perfect for bouquets and centerpieces. They are available throughout the year and come in a variety of colors such as white/cream, yellow, orange, pink and mauve. Weather conditions also play a part in their pigmentation and you can often find slight variations in colors of mini callas.
While most commonly found in shades of pinks and violet or purple, statice is also available in blue, yellow, white, red, orange and apricot. It is most frequently used to enhance summer and early fall weddings.
With their beautiful petals, these tall Mediterranean flowers are reminiscent of an exotic paradise. Snapdragons are widely available in the summer in a crisp white color. They are also available in other colors, including shades of pink or yellow.

Let this wedding flower guide be just that - a guide to get you started on selecting the best, freshest flowers possible for your wedding. Please click here to shop wholesale wedding flowers.

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Making The Best of Your Hot Summer Wedding

Every couple who is planning for a perfect beach wedding always wish to have a perfect sunny day, for obvious reason that, you wouldn't want to have a wedding on a beach in a cold freezy and windy weather. But it doesn't necessarily mean to have a hot summer one if you opt for a destination wedding, can be in the middle of winter season depending on every couples preference.

The summer season is a wonderful time for a wedding. The best thing about it is that you can bet it won’t rain on your wedding day. No wonder, outdoor weddings are popular during summer. Why not! Getting married amidst a green, lush garden or a peaceful, white-sand beach is indeed, a very romantic setting.

Please read the complete details here, I really found this website very helpful. Enjoy planning....


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