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Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Personalized Wedding Program for a Budget Wedding

The very reason why I personalized my program is because I wanted to add special touches such as favorite poems, quotes, or photographs.

Creating your own design and customizing your own wedding program and other stationaries, is proven to be a one way of saving money - to be spent on reception or honeymoon. I am not a professional designer, but good enough to make my own. I did not really intend of making my own, however, when I started to see the result of my work I was beginning to like it and finally decided just to carry on with it.

and this is what I did... as you can see I only made 4 sheets, printed off all the details in both sides. My first idea was to make a personalized fan, but it turned out to be like "much prettier than a simple fan".

Like mine, instead of making just a ceremony program, you can create a program for the reception as well. Combine it with the ceremony program or create a separate handout for the beginning of the reception. The goal of the event program is to let people know the approximate times for things like the cake-cutting or special dances, as well as special meanings for particular events.

Please take this simple tip for you brides-to-be, just use your expertise in POWERPOINT, I made all of them by using that program.
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Anonymous said...

Hey -

Thanks for friending me on It looks like your invitations were made on sustainable paper/ you used some sort of natural fiber envelopes. What are they? If it is like it looks, I would love to feature them/you on the real weddings page at

All the best,


pire said...

was good sharing. Thank you. I hope that more of the revenue sharing...