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Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Wedding Planning Tips (1-8 Weeks)

My Wedding Planning Tips
(1-8 weeks before your big day)

Geeeezzz, it's getting closer and closer while you are getting more nervous! Yes it was exactly what I felt during those months, I tell you what I could even hardly sleep at nights thinking about how was it gonna be like, how things would be, and what about if I do this or not, etc... phew, with big eye bags everyday... hehehe

In theory you shouldn't be more stressful these months, because you have done all the major assignments already, do you agree with me? Well, hoping that you've managed to do all your tasks, the list that I gave you from the very start of planning stage, 6-9 months before your big day, then down to 4-6 months (its getting closer), and to 2-4 months. Now, here's what you should be doing this period in time:

1) Creating a seating chart for the reception.
2) Contact all vendors to confirm all details and set a timeline for the wedding day.
3) Have your final dress fitting with shoes, headpiece, jewelry and lingerie.
4) Compose your vows, if desired.
5) Write a toast to give at the rehearsal dinner or during the reception.
6) Visit salon for one last haircut and color.

7) Arrange for dress to be picked up or delivered.
8) Organize all wedding-day payments and gratuities in envelopes and choose who will distribute them.
9) Deliver final head count to the caterer.
10) Take care of last-minute beauty treatments, including waxing, facial, manicure and pedicure.
11) Finalize and organize all the accessories.
12) Pack for the honeymoon.

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Wedding Favors said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wedding planning tips. We know for a fact that organizing or planning for a wedding takes a lot of work and dedication. We are also planning with my husband to have our wedding next year that's why I am very excited preparing for that BIG DAY.