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Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Wedding Planning Tips (4-6 Months)

My Wedding Planning Tips
(4-6 months before your big day)

Now you are ready to go to the next step, after having been busy of sorting out your assignments from the past few months, just take a deep breath and be ready for your next one, which is your 4-6 months before the big day stage!

1) Place order for all wedding stationery: invitations, envelopes, thank-you notes. As for myself, I did make them all myself. If you know how to use Microsoft Powerpoint then you'll have the chance to save much money for your reception or other things you might need.

2) Book a caligrapher, if using one. I didn't apply this one and what I did was, just printing all the envelopes from my computer, format them based on your envelope size and that's it.

3) Meet with cake bakers and schedule tastings. We just booked ours at the hotel.

4) Make wedding-day appointments for hair and makeup, as well as a run-through four to eight weeks prior to the date. I did my run-though in the Philippines and my final one was in Mauritius done by completely different approach & style, but it turned alright.

5) Research accommodations and group rates for out-of-town guests. I did negotiate if with you travel agent in South Africa, she was very helpful indeed!

6) Finalize the guest list. Yes, because you need to inform the caterer, hotel or the venue for the total number of guests.

7) Plan the honeymoon and reserve flights, hotel rooms and a rental car. This is very important especially for a destination wedding. I had to book ours at least 4 months in advance, otherwise you'll panic.

8) Plan the rehearsal dinner. This is optional, if you feel there's a need then go for it.

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