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Sunday, July 27, 2008

How to Set a Budget for your Wedding

I have learned that getting married is one of the most expensive chapters in couples' life. Do you agree with me? Yes this is very true, especially of having a "Destination Wedding" or "Wedding Abroad".

First and foremost is you have to do research for cheap vendors, get quotations, make your own spreadsheets and take note of all you need, tick which one you got the prices, make an estimate for the quantities you need and.... SET YOUR BUDGET. Stretched as much as you can.

During my planning period, I have read in one of the websites or it has been a practice that parents of both parties may have to share with all the expenses. Well, yea in theory should be! But ours we did not ask our both parents to share. Since ours was a destination wedding, we thought that it was a like a treat to them since our both parents never been spent a holiday outside our both countries (Philippines and UK).

In short, though we have saved a lot of money in our Personalized Wedding Program, our Wedding Favors and our Unique Invitations, still we have spent a lot of money in flights and accommodations. But still I have managed to get cheap packages for both parties - group room rate packages and flights.

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