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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

Having difficulty in searching and choosing your bridal bouquet?

I had the same problem too, especially that you could see loads of choices from the internet which make you even more confused as to what sort of style, color and type you want to have. I tell you what, it took me ages to decide mine... one day I decided one, and another day I saw another one and decided to have that one, and so on and so forth.. very very confusing indeed!

However, you need to set a time frame in each task especially you are planning your own wedding. You'll have to be patient sometimes and believe in your own taste.

Until one day, I decided to pull out my bouquet collections, go through all of them one by one and leave the best ones on my file. So these are the few ones which were the best for me, they were my inspirations...

Note: You have to be aware what type or sort of flowers your wedding place has to offer (especially to those having weddings abroad).

When we arrived Mauritius and had to finalized everything, (it was 2 days before the wedding), we were given an option by our wedding coordinator to choose and pick from the photographs or visit the flower shop ourselves, which we did visit and talked to the bouquet maker herself and saw all sorts of flowers and colors available that month (it was November).

and look at my gorgeous bridal bouquet, and also my bridesmaids' bouquets...

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