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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wedding Preparations - Questions to Ask

Take some of these ideas that worked for me when I started planning our wedding:

Indeed, planning a wedding is a full time job! But it doesn't necessarily mean you have to resign from you job. All you have is to sit down with your future husband, discuss together all the basic details that you need to finalize even before going further to your preparation stage. Planning should be done by two of you, try to get him involve with every details that you are going to take, and try to enjoy planning together.

Dream of having a getaway wedding but unsure of where to start? Knowing the right questions
to ask is key to creating a successful faraway wedding and avoiding a lot of stress! Our list of questions will guide you through the planning process.

a. What is your ultimate getaway-wedding destination? Do you know all the requirements for obtaining a marriage license?
b. When marrying within the United States, call the county marriage license bureau of the city or town in which you are having the ceremony; ask for explicit guidelines regarding birth certificates, health tests, and proof of divorce (if applicable).
c. What is the ideal time of year to visit your preferred destination? When will the best weather and best prices coincide? And can you save money by marrying during the off-season?

a. What kind of a celebration are you planning on having? Do you want a simple cake-and-champagne party or a seated dinner-and-dancing reception?
b. Are you comfortable handling details yourselves, or do you want to hand things over to a wedding specialist (on-site coordinator or destination wedding planner)? Is there an on-site wedding coordinator who can take care of last-minute details and answer guests' questions and/or concerns? Will that person be available to you on your wedding day?

a. How many people are you inviting? Will everyone pay for their own airfare and accommodations, or will you cover some or all of the cost?
b. Have you sent out save-the-date cards? This is especially important for getaway weddings: Guests will need to know your plans well in advance to start figuring it out if they can make the trip and, if so, begin arranging their own travel and accommodation plans.
c. Will someone on the guest list be in charge of making sure gifts, the gown, and anything else that came from home gets shipped back to your return address?

a. How many other people will be marrying at the location on the same day? If there are multiple weddings, will any interfere with yours, and if so in what way?
b. How many days in advance of the ceremony should you arrive? In other words, what needs to be taken care of and how much time do you need to accomplish this in the days before your wedding (such as obtaining a marriage license) that you cannot do from afar?
c. How many can attend the ceremony? Is there a charge for those not staying at the chosen location (applicable if you marry at a resort, for example)? Are children allowed?
d. Does your location offer honeymoon specials (applicable if you are marrying and honeymooning in the same place) that could alleviate cost and commotion, and make things more convenient for you? e. Does the location offer free weddings with honeymoons of a certain length (often the case at all-inclusive resorts)? This could be a great incentive, especially if you're having a quick, elopement-type wedding ceremony.

5) DESTINATION WEDDING CONSULTANTS: Is the consultant familiar or experienced with your chosen destination? How many weddings has she/he created there?

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