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Friday, August 1, 2008

Girls' Night Out - Night Before My Wedding

Last minute decision, yet it was very successful! One group for us ladies and another group for just the men. The place was called "Banana House", was quite pleasant place, there were loads of tourists as well and I think we were the only group had the "Hen Party" that night. We all had cocktail drinks, I just stayed sober the whole night and did dance a bit. Photo on the left side (from left) my mum-in-law (Trish), cousin (Colette) and sister-in-law (Claire). They had flown all the way from London.

There were couple of free-lancer guys grabbing everybody's hands to dance with them, 1 or 2 grabbed me and one of my ladies started saying that "she is getting married tomorrow", she is the bride to be and we are having a party for her, something like that... and pointing my "mum-in-law" to be, that ooopppssss be careful her mother in law is here as well. Was funny really, and everybody enjoyed the night!

Right photograph - Ashley (one of my bridesmaids from Ireland), Paula (from South Africa), Dee (my best friend & one of my bridesmaids too) from Philippines, and Shirley (Ashley's mum also from Ireland).

Though none of us complained about of having a hang-over, I saw some of them lying by the pool to get tan in preparation for the afternoon's event.

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