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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tips To Have A Unique Beach Wedding Reception

What a wonderful feeling to have had experienced, a very different from the traditional reception at a catering establishments or hotels, and what an undeniable appeal to have had a soft and breezy feel of a beach wedding reception. Here are some tips to help you capture that magical wedding ambiance in the atmosphere, so it doesn't feel like just a get-together or a family reunion at the beach. I generally compiled all the tips for a beach wedding reception, not just concentrating in one place.

Creating the Beach Wedding Setting

Probably one of the most important investments you will make is to rent an open canopy under which all of your tables will fit comfortably. It defines the location of your reception as guests approach, it is a necessity for your elderly guests, and it will be your refuge when you need to get out of the sun for awhile. Unless it's going to rain, an open-sided canopy is your best bet. The gentle ocean breeze will be enjoyed by all, and your guests will have full visibility of their beautiful surroundings while, of course, they'll be provided with shade. You can turn this canopy into a bridal oasis simply by wrapping generous amounts of white tulle around the posts and draping it around the top frame. Adorn the tulle with string pearls or with flowers and ribbons of your coordinated wedding colors. If you're wedding will continue into the night, wrap white Christmas lights around it for a romantic glow. Use lantern style candles on the tables, so they'll stay lit in spite of the ocean breeze.

Beach Theme Color Selection and Seating

Think of the beach, and you think light and airy. Soft pastel colors and bright white that naturally blend with the surroundings are best. Lighter colors will not retain heat like darker colors do and are easier on the eye in the bright sunlight. Round tables are nice for the beach. No sharp corners to worry about. Here's a clever tip if you want assigned seating for your guests. Make a "message in the bottle". Take a small clear glass bottle (a lot of dollar stores carry them), fill them almost full with beach sand and write the table number your guests will be seated at on a square piece of white paper. Roll it into a scroll, write the guests name on the outside of the scroll, and stick it in the bottle. Display them on a small table with beach sand spread on top. Another idea is to write their name and table number on a white clam shell. Attach a little bow to it, and you're done! Please be sure to use a special pen with a glittery sheen and a coordinating color of your wedding. Attention to details is what separates your event from an average one into an extraordinary one that people will remember.

Beach Reception Centerpieces and Favors

Centerpieces can be creative too. Apart from a traditional floral arrangement, you can adorn each table with a "wedding style" beach pail. Fill it up with a rolled up beach towel in your coordinating color. Add a bottle of spring water and make a personalized label for it on your computer. Drop in a bottle of sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses. Guests will love to take this home, and it will be a great conversation piece. Looking for something easier, how about an Aloe Vera plant? It's the best sunburn remedy around. Top off the soil with some beach sand, wrap the pot from the bottom up with material or decorative paper, tie a ribbon around it, and you're done. If you want a traditional floral piece, add a touch of blue food coloring to the water. Wedding favors? Try a sand dollar or shell ornament. Use a glitter glue pen to decorate your shell by accenting its natural characteristics. Add pearls or beads, and glue a looped piece of ribbon to the back of the shell so it can be hung on a doorknob or Christmas tree. Another idea is to buy candles - the ones that are about three inches high by three inches wide. Roll them in glue, then roll them in the sand. These are so easy to make, and they are beautiful. Glue on some shells if you want.


Add a little pizzazz to your wedding party by adorning the groomsmen with "cool" sunglasses and the bridesmaid with beautiful sun hats and sarongs. Set up a Tiki Bar. Have a volleyball game set up and have beach balls for the kids. If you can, arrange to have a lifeguard stand nearby and stand a couple of surf boards up in the sand. These will serve as props for great pictures.

Seaside Wedding Food and Drinks

Your menu can be whatever you want it to be, but do add some touches from the sea to keep your theme flowing. Include shrimp, stuffed clams, and fried calamari with your hors d'ourves. If serving a pasta dish, use the shell shaped pasta or have stuffed shells. Your main course should include at least one seafood choice; lobster tails, sea bass, etc.All drinks can be served with a little paper umbrella in them. Order a "Tequila Sunrise". Want a unique cake? Locate a bakery that specializes in special order cakes and have them make you a sand castle.

Seaside Theme Music Ideas

Whether you have a band, a DJ, or a boom box, make sure to include at least some beach style music. Anything by the Beach Boys, "Summer Wind" by Frank Sinatra, "Under the Boardwalk" by the Drifters, "Summer Nights" from Grease. And sure to be a favorite, "Beach Baby" by First Class.!!! That song will surely stir up a lot of nostalgia. Add some diversity with some steel drum selections or a little bit of reggae.

Safety Tips

An important investment that's well worth the money … hire your own lifeguard. Attach a color-coordinated bracelet around the wrists of your younger guests and relax knowing that they are being supervised at all times when down in the surf. It will provide your guests with extra peace of mind as well, and they will really appreciate it.

Remember that when you choose a theme wedding, accentuate the theme! Your effort will be noticed and will be remembered long after your wedding day. Your guests will leave with something to talk about. And you, the bride and groom will have created a beach wedding that you will treasure for the rest of your lives. Memories so unique and special; memories which reflect the celebration of your beautiful shared love.


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it would b nice if someday my marriage held at beach also =P

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I was wishing before that my wedding will be on the beach, but am already marriage and our wedding was in church. I love beach wedding.
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