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Friday, August 29, 2008

Message in a Bottle as your Beach Wedding Invitation

HansonEllis was one of the websites where I found some useful ideas in choosing my beach wedding favors, and also for my unique wedding invitations. Useful banners to be clicked at the left side of my site, to see all interesting items in this website especially for Beach Weddings.

Originally, I wanted to send an "Invitation in a bottle" but we thought that we were gonna have problems of sending them to our guests. I found this fabulous and unique way of inviting our guests. However, I had to find other ideas and I came up with this one, still very unique though. If you are planning your beach wedding, why not sending your invitation in a bottle as you can see below.

Casually invite guests to your destination wedding or tropical theme event with our starfish bottle invitations. Each clear glass bottle is filled with fine coral sand, assorted miniature seashells, and is adorned with a real starfish. Create your own message inside the glass bottle or let them do it for you. Their custom invitation is printed on an ivory linen paper and is attached to a oil paper with earthy cedar leaves. For a personal touch, have the bride and groom's names and event date laser engraved on the bottle. If you are mailing these glass bottles out, add our white corrugated box along with our seashell RSVP card (optional). All bottles come corked.

bottle size: 7"H x 1-3/4" in diameter

A clever way was discovered to send a special message to the other side of the world by means of “A message in a bottle”. They have recreated this unique piece that will send forth your special message to your guest. Use it as a beach wedding invitation or setting for the guest at your special event. These glass bottles are filled with fine sand and real mini seashells. Add a message made of natural oil paper with cedar leaves to these glass bottles as an invitation or a thank you note to your guest (optional). If you are mailing these bottles as an invitation, get our white corrugated mailing box (optional) and our elegant RSVP card. Each beach invitation bottle is firmly corked and is adorned with a raffia ribbon.

glass bottle: 7"H x 1-3/4" in diameterMessage Bottles have long been associated as a romantic gesture, a concept dating far back through the centuries to days gone by. Nowadays with increasing popularity of beach theme weddings and exotic locations, Message Bottle invitations make great way of inviting your guests using a traditional concept with a modern but contemporary flair.

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