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Friday, October 24, 2008

Wedding Theme Color Collections

Confused what theme your wedding will it be? Or rather, you don't know what sort of color combination you would going to have?

When I was planning my own wedding, and was still unsure the theme color I was going to have that would match my beach wedding, I used to collect all different sort of colors and I chose from among these wedding inspiration boards/collections I have had.
Indeed, picking your entire theme is one of the greatest things about planning your wedding, and for most people, a theme may begin from your favorite color, or your wedding dress. Sometimes brides want to stay with the pastel color paletter for their weddings, meaning soft pinks, yellows, purples and blues. However, in this new day and age, we can add those same colors, just in bolder hues!

These are some of my favorites, if only to have more than one wedding, I would have liked to experienced them all! LOL...

Green, Yellow & Orange Wedding Ideas

Post Pink Wedding Inspiration

Peach-Orange Wedding Ideas

Red, Peach & Orange Wedding Theme

Wheat Field Wedding Inspiration

Pink & Orange Wedding Ideas

Green, White & Purple Wedding Inspitation

Green Wedding Ideas

Tangelo, Cameo & Gold Wedding Inspiration

Pink & Brown with a Touch of Cream Wedding Ideas

Mint Green Wedding Ideas

Lemon & Gray Wedding Inspiration

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Jane said...

Hi there thanks for dropping by my blog. Nice dresses for the wedding.

Anonymous said...

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nice dresses:)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Wonderful photos and creative ideas Beautiful blog so inspiring!

Sayed Ali said...

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