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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guide In Buying A Diamond "Engagement Ring"

Attention ladies who are getting engaged or on your way to finally put your dream ring on your finger, I have collected some tips and ideas what to look for your ring, so as to the guys who are the ones whose pockets are at stake!

We are not talking about hundreds of dollars here, thousands to loose or to gain (if we know all the basics) in exchange of this wonderful stone in just one piece of ring. So we deserve to know all these important information about diamonds.

For the guys: It doesn't matter if its going to be a surprise proposal and have the ring ready with you, or you could opt as "ring to follow" and take your fiance with you to the stores with loads of potentials that she might like. Paying attention to her jewelry likes and dislikes is the first big step towards finding her the perfect engagement ring.

Buying a diamond is one of the most expensive purchases you are going to make. Experts say, acquiring knowledge of the 4C's is crucial before purchasing any diamond: carat weight, diamond clarity, diamond color and diamond cut (not shape). Other advanced characteristics of diamonds include diamond fluorescence and diamond enhancements. By understanding each diamond characteristic and knowing which questions to ask when purchasing a diamond, you are much more empowered when it comes time to make your diamond investment.

Diamonds are graded by four characteristics: cut, carat (weight), clarity, and color. All four of these properties determine how much a diamond is worth.
  • Cut - What is the proportion of the diamond? Round brilliant diamonds are commonly cut with 58 facets. The better proportioned these facets are on the diamond, the more light will be reflected back to the viewer's eye. This is extremely important. When cut properly, the diamond will sparkle more. Diamond cuts are measured by the table percentage, so always ask for it. A good table percentage is between 55-60%. Cut also refers to the shape such as: round, pear, and oval.
    If you are having a diamond mounted, write down the measurements of your stone. Measurements never change. Measure the stone after it is mounted and verify that it matches the appraisal and/or certificate.

  • Carat - How big is the diamond? Larger diamonds often cost more per carat due to their size. There are 100 points to a carat. Hence a 50 point diamond is 1/2 a carat. (There are 5 carats to a gram.) Always get the actual point size of a diamond rather than a fractional weight. Sometimes jewelers will try to sell a .90 diamond as a 1 carat diamond. A .90 diamond should be substantially less expensive.

  • Clarity - How clear is the stone? Clarity ranges from flawless (perfect) to I (included). Here is a chart:
      Flawless: perfect inside and out
      Internally Flawless: may have minor blemishes on the outside
      VVS1, VVS2: have very very small inclusions. VVS1 inclusions can only be seen through the pavilion. VVS2 inclusions are more visible.
      VS1, VS2: have very small inclusions. VS1 inclusions are harder to see than VS2.
      SI1, SI2, SI3: have small inclusions
      I1, I2, I3: have inclusions visible to the naked eye

  • Color: Diamond colors generally range from D - X for white and yellow diamonds. D is the whitest. Around S they become "Fancy" yellow Diamonds. One can also find green, pink, red, blue and brown diamonds - though these are usually irradiated.

    Be certain to ask: Do you guarantee the color and clarity of your stones? Many states allow dealers to be off by one color and/or one clarity.

In addition to this, Ebay has also compiled a "Guide in Buying Diamonds", to know more...

Consider my own experience: My husband, as a Geologist, no doubt he knew what to buy for me, however, all he wanted was for me to choose the one I would have liked, also to get the perfect size of my finger! Do I make sense to you? What does mine looks like?

1) Cut - Round Brilliant Cut
2) Carat - 0.45 Carats, as I have tried bigger ones but unfortunately, they didn't look nice on my tiny finger!
3) Clarity - VVS1 (yes its close to flawless)
4) Color - G

In a TWO-TONE 18 carat Gold (white and yellow)!

Would you be able to figure out what do mine looks like?
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Juliana said...

I think I have a pretty good idea on how yours look like. Why not post a pic?hehe.

And I know what you mean by having a big diamond on tiny fingers. Lalo na if it's round like yours. Kaya ako, I opted for pear shape.

Hope you have yours insured. Just in case, mawala you are covered.

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