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Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Personalized Anniversary Gift

If you google "Anniversary Gifts", you'd be given a hell loads of sites where you can read usefull ideas and tips, or if you want to order online, or even some romantic ideas to make yours a memorable one! Its you choice, depending on your taste and how you gonna celebrate it. As for myself, I always wanted to give some special touch, unique as possible as I could (if I can find any or can be able to do it myself), which is only limited to paper works, computer works by using my expertise in Powerpoint.

Even before I decided to have this one, I always thought of something that I can be able to put our wedding photo with matching love dedication on it, but I wasn't sure if will be made of paper or glass or wood, until I imagined a plaque-award like thing. So my sister managed to find a shop who makes personalized gifts (in Philippines), this is made of an Acrylic glass.

Madelyn & Stuart

Our Anniversary is the perfect time to
tell you what you mean to me.
How I depend on you to love me
for who I am
and believe in me for what
I hope to be.
How I feel loved each time you smile
or touch my hand and,
when I need someone to listen,
I know you'll understand.

So I celebrate this special year
of loving you,
grateful that we have the happiness
life gives to just a few.

I love you now & forever,

30th November

You don't have to spend a lot of money to be able to give an extraordinary present, "value doesn't count at all, its the thought that counts".

Photo above is a paper and a pen holder, which is made of the same material as the plaque style (1st photo)!

On our wedding day when we said "I do"
I knew I had found a true partner in you.
Someone to come home to when the day is through
Someone at the heart of everything I do.

So, not just on our anniversary
But each day all year through
I am so very grateful for
Your love - Your heart - For you!

Love always & forever,

30th November

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Dhemz said...

agoy dangz, makadagdag damdamin man sad day ni imo anniv present kay hubby..touch man sab ta..better late than wishes for both of you guys!

Anonymous said...

ay ganda nman nito sis san nyo nao rder what site pwede ba malaman thanks