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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beach Wedding Makeup Tips

One of the worries "brides-to-be" can sometimes have is "the looks" she may have on her big day! While every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day and fears the wrong choice will spoil the look of the whole wedding attire. This is why MAKEUP and HAIR DRY RUN is becoming an A-list the brides-to-be must do. Like myself, I had my make-up and hair dry run in the Philippines when I took a two weeks interruption from work to get everything done, my gown measurement, buy all the accessories needed, etc.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and the makeup you choose for that special day will be reflected for years to come in your precious wedding photographs, so naturally, you want it to be nothing less than perfect. Beach brides face a little bit more of a challenge when choosing their wedding day makeup look than brides with other wedding venues, because essentially you're competing against the elements. You don't want makeup foundation and concealer to melt or smear in the sun and you don't want your skin to appear thick and cakey. Here's some tips to help you create the perfect beach wedding look.

Get A Sexy, Natural Glow

Whether it's a gradual tan from a lotion that provides a subtle glow, a glamorous spray tan or even a traditional UV tan, a natural looking glow will be your best asset on your wedding day. Having skin that looks sun kissed before you step into the sun will make you look and feel even more like a beach bride. Having a great tan not only looks spectacular but will help hide flaws that would be seen on paler skin.

Tip: Go for something subtle and natural looking and be careful not to get too dark. If you plan on using self tanners or getting a spray tan, test it out well before the big day so you won't be surprised by the results.

Use Tinted Moisturizer

For beach brides, tinted moisturizer is an absolute must have. Traditional foundation can look heavy and inappropriate when you're on the beach and you'll feel like you have a mask on. Tinted moisturizer will even out your skin tone and hide flaws without going on too thick.

Bronzer, Bronzer, Bronzer

Bronzer will give you great highlights, catching the sun and drawing the eye to all the right places. Use bronzer on your cheeks, nose, forehead and collarbones for a gorgeous sheen.

Tip: Use a light bronzer. A dark one will look patchy and uneven.

Lip Gloss, Not Lipstick

Many brides opt for a nice, subtle lip color that matches or accents their blush for their wedding look. Even light lip color tends to be too heavy for beach brides. Go with a gorgeous, wet looking gloss with very minimal tint - if any - for a subtly sexy pout. Great lip glosses are thick instead of thin and have a very slight metallic sheen to them

Black Is Out, Brown Is In

Black eyeliner and mascara also tend to be very heavy on the face if you're planning a ceremony on the beach. Instead of going with black, try using an espresso or latte colored pencil and mascara for a more natural look. If you plan on using false eyelashes, try using the individual lashes instead of a full set. They can be put on in small sections to help add depth and mystery to your eyes without going overboard.

When you're planning out your beach wedding makeup look, less truly is more. Go with neutral tones instead of bold colors and don't overdo it. The end result will be subtly sexy and beautiful - perfect for the big day.


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Umma said...

Super busy ka diay sa beach wedding mo dhangz..U mean sa Pinas pa nimo guipabuhat ang hair and make up mo? Or you brought somebody to do the hair and make up nimo?

Madz said...

na mao jud! imagine had to fly all the way from Africa to PInas jud.. gasto pod kaayo as in! but it was worth all the efforts jud...IT WAS PERFECT..

Andrea said...

Great article. See
for other beach theme wedding ideas

Cameron Sharpe said...

I just happen to be passing by when I read your post. Nice post and keep up the good work!

Senior Photographer MPLS said...

Very considerate of you to write this topic so that brides know how to do their makeup if and when they decide on a beach motif. We photographers dread brides who think a beach wedding is just the same as a church wedding so they don't exert effort in choosing their right blush, lipstick and the like.

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