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Monday, January 12, 2009

Beach Wedding Bouquets

This was my BEACH WEDDING BOUQUET. This is one of the weddings "must have" that you don't stress about, most flower shops or all bouquet experts know much on what sort of style, flowers, or colors that would match your theme! It doesn't have to be complicated, just know what's available on the spot and work from there. As for myself, it was our very first to visit Mauritius (our wedding venue), apparently, we didn't know exactly what sort of flowers I was going to have for my wedding! Since we've got to be there at least 3 days before our big day (minimum days arrival requirements for destination weddings), we had time to see the flower shop and chose ourselves, showed us their photographs of samples and to choose from there.

A beach theme wedding is, by nature - SIMPLE... There aren't a lot of decorations or sparkling lights - in essence, you're using the beautiful
beach and the magnificence and simplicity of the ocean as your wedding backdrop. There are a few things that stand out at a beach wedding though, the bride's bouquet being one of them. It is one of the largest floral arrangements at a beach theme wedding ceremony and during your walk down the sandy aisle, everyone's going to be eyeing it. Here's how to select excellent flowers for your beach bridal bouquet that will "wow."

Tropical Colors

Many beach brides simply use white as their overall color, incorporating that into the bridal dress, the groom's tuxedo and even into the flowers. This usually gives a light, sophisticated aura to a beach theme wedding. Some brides, however, crave a little bit more than what white alone can give them. A perfect place to incorporate colors into your beach theme wedding ceremony is in the bridal bouquet itself. Select tropical flowers such as birds of paradise, or simply use flowers that are brightly colored. Orange and pink tiger lilies are excellent in beach bridal bouquets, while vibrantly tipped roses can really be eye catching. Talk to your florist or use your imagination to come up with a colorful, tropical bridal bouquet that brings out the best of the beach.

"Beachy" Additions

There's nothing that says that a beach bouquet has to consist only of flowers - don't limit yourself! Incorporate large, tropical leaves, pearls or even seashells. Pearls are a great addition to a white bouquet, but tropical leaves edging brightly colored flowers are a great touch. You can use a combination of leaves, pearls, seashells or other types of beach items in your bouquet, just remember to let them be accents and not let them take over the entire bouquet. Alternatively, a bouquet made entirely out of seashells and pearls can be an extremely unique and one of a kind beach wedding bouquet.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of your beach bouquet can vary, depending on how bold you want to be. A smaller, simple wedding calls for a smaller bouquet, but if you want your bouquet to be the focal point of the ceremony, feel free to make it larger and more noticeable. A cascading bouquet is a beautiful addition to any beach wedding ceremony, mimicking the cascade of the ocean waves themselves, but a handheld beach bridal bouquet is just as classy.

Talk to your florist and use your creativity to come up with different styles of beach bride bouquets that you like! Thumb through a few bridal magazines and pick out a few different bouquet elements that you like and discuss with your florist how to bring those elements together for a truly unique and one of a kind bouquet. A silk bouquet is a good option if you want a keepsake, but fresh flowers truly embrace the spirit of beauty and simplicity of the beach!


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Umma said...

Dhangz.. super bonggacious sg flower bouquet mo da..

Dakua diay nagasto mo sa wedding nyo.. dami mo ng moolah sistah.. pounds ba ang sueldo nyo or ung $?

Andrea said...

Great article. See
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amiable amy said...

wow...sosyal ka talaga Madz...bouquet palang bongga na...

Madz (Boholana ) said...

Hahahaha sosyal ba uy!! binuangan lng jud ko ninyo uy... well swerte lang ko mga sistah kay damo gid kwarta c fafa! hahaha.. bitaw ingon man ko nga ayaw nlng kay mahal but it was his decision, aw happy nlng pod ko!!

HUROT GD ANG NATIGUM GAMAY NAMO...well, dili na to mausab once lng bitaw dvaaaaaaaaaaa

Hi Andre, thanks for dropping by... yes have checked this website, very informative too...

Anonymous said...

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Maria said...

Dhemz, This is so beautiful. Very elegant wedding. like Umma said, bonggacious!!

chubskulit said...

gaganda naman nyan sis, i did not like mine hehehe

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