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Thursday, January 8, 2009

7 Ways Of Using Flowers At Your Beach Wedding

Based on my own experience of my own wedding by the beach, FLOWERS rather play a huge part of my beach theme wedding, and for normal beach weddings anywhere. I didn't concentrate much on working on the flowers to put on the aisle or at the venue, my only worry was my BOUQUET and for BRIDESMAIDS too.

During my early 20's, I used to see beach weddings which were very simple. Not many brides opt to have a beach theme wedding so they can save money, but because they wanted to have a very unique wedding to treasure for a lifetime, or because they’d rather not have a huge chapel ceremony. Fortunately, with beach theme weddings, the ocean serves as a backdrop, minimizing the need for decorations. With a few simple arrangements, you can make your beach wedding ceremony and reception stand out from the crowd.

Photo below was an example of how we decorated our beach wedding, we exchanged our vows surrounded with fresh flowers....
1. Living Plants
So many brides use cut flowers for beach wedding reception centerpieces that it has become the tradition. You can actually use living plants, however, as your reception centerpieces and even allow the guests to take them home after the festivities. This is a greener and cheaper way to create the look you want for your beach theme wedding!

2. Table Arrangements

Centerpieces on the beach wedding reception tables are very traditional, but depending on your table set up, you might be able to attach table arrangements to the edge of your table. This is a great way to display floral sprays! If you can’t use them for every table, you can really make an impression by using floral sprays on the edge of the cake table and the bride and groom’s table.

3. Incorporate Flower Balls

Flower balls are a unique way to use flowers at your wedding, whether you choose to use silk flowers or fresh ones. They’re easy to make – you can even make them yourself – and they look great at your wedding. You can use them as bridesmaid bouquets or hanging arrangements and they’re versatile enough to go anywhere.

4. Hanging Arrangements

Hanging arrangements add vertical depth to your wedding ceremony and reception, drawing the eye upwards and making your décor appear fuller, even if the décor is quite simple. This is a great way to fill out a simple beach wedding. Use plant hanging stands or other types of hanging stands to line the aisles with floral arrangements that sway above the guests, or do something similar at the altar for a more unique look.

5. Flank Arrangements

You can use pedestals or other types of stands to create floral flank arrangements that normally stand where bridesmaids and groomsmen stand. This is a great way to add depth to your ceremony if you don’t have bridesmaids or groomsmen or if your wedding is small.

6. Aisle Flowers

Consider using more than just rose petals to sprinkle down the sandy aisle. You can create your aisle with rows of small bouquets, or you can simply use a lush carpet of flower petals. This will draw attention to you as you walk down the aisle.

7. Pedestal Flowers

Skip the traditional wedding arch and instead use a pedestal with a lovely flower arrangement on top. The height of a pedestal should come up to your knees or thighs, but no higher than your waist. This puts the focus on you and your groom rather than your ceremony flowers, yet still gives you that special touch that ties everything together.

Make yours as distinctive as possible. This may be one of the major expenses you have to consider, but it is worth paying much money after looking at your photographs.


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Lynn said...

a dream wedding for me is yun talagang sangkatutak ang flowers. ang ganda non diba, para kang nasa paraiso just like what you had in your wedding, sistah. it's lovely!!!

Madz said...

Thanks Lynn, our wedding was one of the biggest gifts God has given us, truly a memory to treasure for life! I feel lucky to have experienced it myself, which I never ever thought I would be having this wonderful wedding, IT WAS MORE THAN A DREAM... PERFECT!!

Well, go for it sistah why not? heheheheh

Anonymous said...

Hello there my friend! I found your blog very interesting so I have added your link in my Blogroll. I hope you'll link me back. Have a nice day!

Umma said...

Sistah, bonggacious man jud ang flower decorations mo da!

Beach wedding ba kamo sis? your wedding was held in Phils or in Africa?

Overtime na kamo oi... para majuntis na sad ka ug twins..

Dhemz said...

sinamok nasd ko dangs..ka bonga ba sad sa wedding uy.d man ta ka afford ani....hhehe!

Nanaybelen said...

How nice naman itong garden wedding mo. So lovely!

Madz said...

Hi sistah Umma, yes sa Mauritius me gikasal last November 2007! kaka 1 year plang jud namo...hahahha lagi ba we'll try harder this time pra mka triplet kay katong twins honeymoon baby man to namo, wla man me maglisod... so karon if a bit harder madungagan jud ug usa! hahahaha

sistah Dhemz, itits nimo I know can afford ka jud! barato rman sa beach wedding...

Nanay Belen

Carlos said...

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day!

anand said...

really beautiful to see...have a great year.

Madz - Boholana happily married to an English man said...

Hi Carlos, yes will do as soon as I finished with I am doing now... Thanks for the link request, I do appreciate it...

Anand, thanks for dropping by....see you around, likewise, same to you too....


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LIZZIE said...

Looking at these photos and I feel like I wanna marry my Bumsey tomorrow! Hahaha.. But I prefer Garden Wedding though.. But it's also something that's with Mother Nature so it's not so much different than a Beach Wedding I guess..

Hazelicious929 said...

wow! you have a nice wedding Madz! the flowers and everything, ang ganda talaga! thanks for sharing your beach wedding

mutlu olmak said...

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